You Create the Life You Experience


You must be responsible for your life experience and understand that you literally create the life you live. You most likely have heard this is done through your thoughts and your relationship with those thoughts, which leads to how you feel. Though this is true, for many, this can be frustrating.

Two worlds

This can be frustrating for many because your life experience is accomplished in a cyclical manner revolving between the physical and non-physical. When we are trained to view life and relate to life in a purely physical manner, we detach ourselves from our Self, which is directly connected to the Source of life.

What this means is our physical being and spiritual being are connected and aligned with Source energy. The idea behind self starting your life is reconnecting these parts (your body, your spirit, and Source) so they work in unison. It is when they are not, is when you experience life as ‘not working out’ or going the way you want it.


…the question is not, How is life treating you?, but rather, How are you treating life?

Getting into Alignment

So, how do you train yourself to view life from a non-physical perspective? Wait, before we go there, lets talk about why you would want to do that?

What benefit or benefits does re-establishing your relationship with your inner spirit? Well, when you’re not, your life is filled with less joy simply because the physical aspect of you doesn’t know what’s best for you. In other words, it doesn’t have the big picture perspective that your inner spirit does.

The purpose of your body

The purpose of your body is to be an instrument to experience the life you desire. Your body is an extension of you or of thought created by Source. (God created man in His image. An image is a thought. This does not mean that God/Source is a physical being and he man humans to look like Him. He created (hu)man beings from thought so that Source could experience life as It was created.

You can think of it this way…imagine you are standing at the edge of a valley. In order to experience what is on the other side, you build a bridge. The bridge, like your body, is a tool you imagined which lead to its creation, and used to experience what’s on the other side.

In other words, Source cannot experience life on planet earth, without being in physical form…thus, human beings were created.

Think about it…if you and I were to simply stay in non-physical light energy, how would we experience wind, land, and all that comes with being in a body? We wouldn’t! We would never get to taste the foods of worldly cultures, speak a variety of languages, hear music and nature, and all the wonderful notions that being human allows…including the aspects we don’t like.

The purpose of your Inner Spirit

Your inner spirit is the part of you that stayed behind, so to speak. The connection between it and you can be thought of as your life line.

The thing is though, the you which you associate with your body, is more accurately the you which is your inner spirit. They’re one in the same. When you leave your body, you will simply know yourself as the eternal spirit of yourSelf, rather than the body.

Your inner spirit communicates to you through your intuition. It uses subtle, yet, sure ways to help direct you here on earth to ensure your time here is as enjoyable as you desire. As stated earlier, it has a birds’ eye view of your life and desires. How can it not since it is you! It knows this, but the physical notion of you, has allowed the outside world to erode this fact.

The key to self starting your life is to learn how to re-establish this connection with your inner self and trust what it is telling you.

Putting yourself first

You can do no greater service to yourself or the world than when you put yourself first. Be selfish…be joyous…and truly live the life you were meant to live!

Why does being selfish lead to a world and life of great joy? Simply because we all want the same thing…peace and happiness. Frustration arises when we forgo our own desires and replace them with fulfilling anothers’. This leads to people emitting low energy, attracting more of it and continuing to do so until they choose to take care of themselves first.

When we are doing things we enjoy because we first acknowledge our desire to feel happy, causes us to give off higher vibrations of joy, attract more people, circumstances, events, etc. to help keep flowing what we’ve got going.

Your inner spirit is joyful and wants the whole of you to be joyful. Therefore, it will guide you to the people and circumstances that will bring about joyful experiences. When you are not feeling good, it is an indication that you are ignoring the wisdom of your higher vibrating and connected Self.