Why I Chose the Vortex Guided Meditation

Though I meditated years ago I never really followed a particular method. Sometimes I would go to a local meditation class, but mostly I just enjoyed sitting on my own.

The reason I chose the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation style is from an experience I had at 23 in 2001. I wasn’t familiar with Esther & Jerry Hicks or the Law of Attraction for that matter. (I didn’t start reading their books until the summer of 2017.)

Boulder, Colorado

I was in Boulder, Colorado at the time and had recently quit a housekeeping job. I was only in Boulder a few weeks, though I lived there before for 3 months, and staying at the Boulder International Hostel.

I was in a familiar state (of mind) where I felt lost and uncertain. It seemed I was trying to force life to happen and hope that by simply being in a “cool” town, I would click in with the vibe. Though I didn’t have a car, I knew the basic area and would walk down the Hill to Pearl street.

Something Odd

I quit the house cleaning job knowing I had little to no money, plus housing to pay for. I had put myself in a position where I had no idea how I was going to get out of it. I think I became so distraught I just shut out all those thoughts as an unconscious safety mechanism? It’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense as to what happened after.

A morning or two after I quit, I was walking down the Hill. It was about 11 am or so. About half-way down, I notice that I have a huge grin on my face. And that I am literally giddy with joy. I can literally feel a swirling vibration around the core of my body. At the same time, I felt a pulse of energy or vibration, coming to and from me from every direction. Nothing that made me shake, just enough where I could feel it in and on my body.

To me, I was joy itself!

This feels good

This feeling stayed with me for weeks and months. I was in a constant state of happiness all the time. It didn’t matter what I ate, looked at, or thought. In fact, any negative type thought felt like it literally bounced away if got to close. I just had no use for it.

I ended up taking a Greyhound back to New York to work at the Omega Institute for the 2001 season. The 3-day bus ride went by as quick as anything. I was completely happy the entire way.


One of the main things I noticed during this experience, is how I slept. I never slept better before or since that time.

It seemed I would fall asleep within a minute of lying down. No restless nights. No thoughts keeping me up, nothing. And when I awoke, it was instant – bing! Eyes wide open and ready to go. I would brush my teeth with glee!

Back at Omega

By this time, it had been maybe two months had passed. I still was happy and full of confidence. There was a time when I was taking a break and lying on the grass about 15 ft off one of the paths. I would still feel energy vibrations though not as frequently. I wondered if I could sense or feel people walking by as I laid down. I closed my eyes when some people were coming and I felt their energy when they passed. It felt like snow on a tv with no reception. Just a light tingling that came and went as they walked by.

About half-way thru the season, much of what I felt was gone. And, I know why. I could sense it going when I starting thinking about the future and what I was going to do when the season ended. I had gradually replaced it with fears, doubt, and uncertainty – to get back to the real world.

Gone for Good…Almost

The feeling of energy swirling had long faded by the time I left Omega. I was back in my thoughts of feeling lost.

But, there was an instance when I felt it again. It was maybe a year or so later while I was working as a painter at the Troy Hills Apartments. By this time, I had been studying A Course In Miracles. One, because I felt an immediate connection as soon as I began reading it, and the other to help figure out what I experienced.

I was on my break and sitting on a bench on the property. My method for following the Course was to write the main part or heading of the lesson the night before on a piece of paper. I would then keep it in my pocket and read it throughout the day, as instructed – usually every hour.

Lesson 100

On this day, it was lesson 100: My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

While I was reading it and said God’s plan, an opening in my thought occurred and I felt the same swirling vibration. I said to happily myself, it’s back! And then this thought, I can’t let anyone see me like this. It went away and I haven’t felt it since.

I was afraid of people seeing me happy.

Why the Guided Meditation

When I began reading about the Law of Attraction and what Abraham talked about, specifically, that we are really energy Vibration – it’s the only thing that made sense of what I felt.

I felt the Vibration of my Inner Being – my true self. How? Basically, I allowed another way of seeing or being. My mind was open long enough to allow Life to enter. Somehow, I didn’t block it. Or, as the Course says, the thin veil we place over ourselves was lifted.

So that’s why I use the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD. It’s all about energy Vibration.